About the Esports Academy

The Esports Academy is an initiative of SCOGA dedicated to engaging, educating, and enabling youths to achieve excellence through the medium of esports. 

We seek to build developmental pathways and provide opportunities for youths to become esports athletes, coaches, managers, professionals and the leaders of tomorrow. 

We also engage the diverse stakeholders within the esports ecosystem in defining and recognising the essential standards that will allow the sustainable growth of the esports industry. 


Develop generations of resilient and future-ready youths who can become champions, leaders and role models of the future. 


  • Developing attractive and impactful programmes that combine technical training with character development and inculcation of essential soft and career skills
  • Together with key stakeholders in the government and the industry, develop the esports ecosystem and various participation, performance and career pathways. 
  • Evolve societal perceptions of esports through community engagement, influence