Adult and Corporate Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops and programmes that utilise games and esports to fulfil objectives within a corporate environment such as teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Through the means of game-based learning, we are able to create an environment that nurtures learning through play.

Past Programmes

Developing Team Leadership Through Games

An adult program to help corporates learn how to build leadership and teamwork through cooperative games. Skills learned in the workshop include the development of self, supportive team relationships, and more.

Understanding Esport Careers for Parents

These talks cater to parents and the support groups of youths engaged in esports and gaming. These talks can discuss aspects such as career pathways, skills gained or required to enter esports, and more.

Online Tournament 101

An online workshop for People’s Association, its youth networks, executive committees, community sports clubs, and staff from PA Headquarters discussing esports and how to run tournaments online. The workshop discussed topics such as game titles, publicity, tournament, and Livestream management as well as various topics.

Mediacorp Training

A customized workshop for Mediacorp broadcasting departments to help familiarize themselves with esports broadcasting.

ITE PE Department Training

With ITE CC’s PE teachers, we ran an esports familirization workshop where they learned about popular game titles and lesson planning with structured objectives through esports.