Game Skills Workshop - MLBB


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Want to meet Singapore's top mobile Legends player?
Want to learn how to reach Mythic Glory?
Need more strategies for winning?

Join us on the road to Mythic Glory!

Recommended Ranks: 

Intermediate course: Grandmaster - Epic

Advanced Course: Legend - Mythic Glory


Course Topics


  • Tackle Common Misconceptions: Hero versus Game Mechanics, Macro over Micro
  • Teamwork and Awareness: Team fight tips, playing with players you don't know, map and game awareness
  • Mechanics: Emblems, Spells, Items, Heroes, and how to use or improve them


  • Mental preps: Improvement mindset, Team and individual decision making
  • Team roles: Ganking effectively, team fights, team compositions, landing, rotations
  • Advanced Mechanics: Understanding meta, early-mid-late game transition, effective item builds, farming, and gold system


Put your newfound knowledge to practice with our tournament experience! Battle it out with your fellow learners and win attractive prizes!