Game Skills Workshop - PUBG


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Do you want to dominate the battleground and earn that chicken dinner?
What can you do to improve your performance in PUBG?
Are you looking for a chance to participate in a tournament?

Join our specially designed PUBG workshop!

Discover and learn how to improve your performance in PUBG for PC! Learn concepts such as environmental awareness, basic strategies, weapons 101, loot management, team communication and more. You will also learn how to build your ability to work in a team, predict and analyze in-game happenings while under pressure.


About the Course
This course spans across two days (25th Nov and 1st Dec) where you will learn about various aspects of PUBG to help you improve your performance. You will start off understanding the functions and mechanics of the entire game, where you will explore and play around with the game limits and rules. This will be followed by more in-depth content that differentiates a casual and professional player such as management of loots, employable strategies for the environment, vehicles, weapons, and more. Lastly, the course will focus on enhancing team communication and synergy, covering topics on creating a common language, and communicating efficiently.

You should register for this course if you:

  • Know how to play PUBG
  • Want to improve your PUBG performance
  • Are looking to experience and take part in PUBG tournaments
  • Crave more chicken dinners