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League of Legends Mastery Course

Dates: 28th May and 18th June
Time: 2.30 PM – 6.30 PM
Venue: Informatics Academy Pte Ltd, 100 Victoria Street, #13-01/02 National Library Building, National Library, Singapore 188064


  • Team of 5 with clear long-term goals
  • Completed foundation course and raised tier above Platinum 3 OR attend a performance trial
  • 17 years old and above
  • Able to commit to regular practice and class
  • Willing to participate in tournaments and practice matches
  • Proficient in written and spoken English

Course Brief

The Esports Academy League of Legends Mastery Course is designed to for high level teams who have clear goals of what they hope to achieve in the competitive scene. To qualify for the Mastery Course, it is recommended that all teams participate in a performance trial in order for our trainers to analyse your team’s strengths and weakness, following which there will be a discussion and an interview with the team to better understand and develop a long-term training schedule which could last several months.

Selected teams will have training facilities, coaches, sports trainers and consistent opportunities to practice with high-level teams. Besides this, teams will be undergoing other courses to improve their personal branding, market themselves and tap on Twitch to build their following and income stream.

There will also be opportunities to attend overseas exchange programmes that will deepen the team’s knowledge, exposure and provide professional opportunities.

The Esports Academy League of Legends course syllabus is supported by Riot Games, brought to you by SCOGA and powered by the National Youth Council.