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Livestreaming Master Class

Dates: 25th November 2018
Time: 1 PM – 4 PM
Venue: Informatics Academy Pte Ltd, 100 Victoria Street, #13-01/02 National Library Building, National Library, Singapore 188064

Course Brief

“Are you hesitant about taking the plunge into streaming full-time?
Do you want to start streaming but don’t know where to begin?

Join Sombrero, one of Singapore’s most followed streamers, as he shares his own expertise and experiences on live streaming.

Get a first-hand understanding of Sombrero’s streaming setup during the hands-on and Q&A session. Discover and learn about his streaming successes and difficulties faced along the way, pick up tips on improving your own live streams and how to make them stand out on Twitch.

About the trainer
Andrew ‘Sombrero’ Philippou is a Twitch partner with over 2 years experience broadcasting competitive multiplayer games of the highest quality. Tapping on his professional experience as a full-time product developer, he has refined the technical aspects of streaming to deliver some of the highest quality streams to be found throughout Twitch. As well as focusing on streaming, he has shoutcasted regional tournaments in the battle royale genre, and has 3 years’ experience in online tournament production.

You should register for this course if you:
Are a streamer based in Singapore
Want to create professional streams
Want to make streaming your full-time job”