Our Trainers

Benedict Lee

With almost one-and- a-half decades worth of MOBA experience tucked under his belt, Benedict’s game knowledge has been herald as one of the best. Extremely interested in professional competitive DOTA2 tournaments, Benedict passes his time learning from and competing in them. Such dedication and understanding of this game is hard to come by, but with his years of investment, Benedict is not only an amazing mechanical player, but also a great team leader with an almost innate ability to make winning decisions on the fly while also possessing the ability to shot-call his team to victories. Helping the community grow and improve is one of his many visions – and SCOGA certainly helps with that.

Check Ho

No stranger to the competitive Esports scene, Check has been heavily involved in many professional-level tournaments both locally and internationally. Having trained, groomed and marketed gamers of both the RTS and MOBA genre from countries all over Asia, Check has honed his coaching methodology to close perfection – not only concentrating on the mechanical skills of players but also focusing on increasing team efficiency, creating intelligent strategies, and helping develop his players both personally and professionally. Having been an instrumental key to teams that have achieved over 40 podium finishes, Check knows that it takes so much: integrity, sportsmanship, leadership, discipline, and teamwork to get to the top and he has the knowledge to take you there.

Fabien Ong

As a Beta-player who started playing Vainglory during its first launch, Fabien has extensive knowledge of how the game’s meta has continously evolved. This gives him an edge when training the top players in Vainglory. Fabien is also the of numerous online and offline Vainglory tournaments and is considered a forerunner in managing teams and events locally and across SEA that is not just competitive, but also community oriented.

Gerald Tan

Having undergone intense and valuable training to become the competitive player that he currently is. As a strong and well-known voice in the Singaporean Vainglory community, Gerald also aims to unite and help players within this group through casual gaming events and SCOGA-run workshops. Gerald intends to keep sharing as many tips and tricks as he can along the way – nurturing players’ talents in order to expand the professional gaming industry in Singapore.

Ruth Lim

Ruth Lim who previously coached a competitive DOTA 2 team, TenTwenty, who won the Singapore qualifers for the Acer Predator League and represented Singapore in Jakarta.She is currently coaching DOTA 2 team, Tr33nity, and holds a CoachSG coaching certificate which is the same cert required by professional sports coaches. She has also worked with top Esports Coach/Analysts like Muriëlle “Kips” Huisman in the past to develop DOTA 2 training curriculum. Well recognized by many in the DOTA2 community, Ruth has attended numerous international gaming tournaments, getting to know and learning from many of the top players worldwide. Over the years, her hard work and ambitions became hard to miss. With this, Ruth wishes to further spread and share her knowledge, experiences and understanding of how to better reach out to gamers in Singapore and beyond.

Donald Yeo

Donald Yeo is a veteran semi-professional gamer who has a vast gaming experience of 16 years and counting! Having participated for 12 years competitively,ranging from local competitions to overseas experiences such as DreamHack(Sweden), Electronic Sports League (ESL), and World Cyber Games. With over 30 podium finishes and representing Singapore in various gaming events, Donald consistently performs at a high level regardless of which period of life he was in. He is also a Certified eSports Academy trainer and has completed Coach SG Theory Level 1.With a desire to contribute to a community that has provided so much for him, Donald joined the SCOGA academy as a trainer, piloting the classes for Overwatch. As an extremely experienced mentor for various FPS games, Donald is a great addition to our Academy!

Pauline Phoon

As Managing Partner and founder of SOOS OIO LLP, Pauline Phoon is passionate about equipping youths in Singapore to be quality content creators on social media. As General Manager of Monsoon Productions Pte Ltd  & Managing Director of Soulmanna Live Pte Ltd, she was one of the pioneers in Asia Pacific to work with the first generation of YouTube celebrities like Ryan Higa, David Choi and Wong Fu Productions. While working with YouTube artists from the States, Pauline also involved local artistes in the cities like Jayesslee (Australia), Jin Lim now known as Jinnyboy (Malaysia) and Krissy & Ericka (Philippines) to name a few.