Understanding Esports, Events and Production


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Module 1: Understanding Game Design (8 hours)

Not every game title makes the transition to the Esports Arena. This module explores the design and gameplay fundamentals behind the most popular esports games. Gameplay mechanics, modes of play, and multiplayer dynamics are also covered in this module. Learners are taught how to identify potential games that can be used for esports, and the characteristics that lend those games to this competitive platform.

Module 2: Video Production for Esports (8 hours)

In this module, learners are taught to use video production techniques to create short-form content to market and promote Esports activities and personalities, such as team and player profiles, and events and competitions. Learners are also introduced to multi-camera production and in-game directing techniques to cover ‘live’ Esports competitions that bring out the excitement of the competition to ‘live’ and virtual audiences.

Module 3: Staging Esports Events for Entertainment (8 hours)

Staging for Esports focuses on creating the environment for a ‘live’ Esports competition that can bring the excitement of the event visually and auditorily, while engaging ‘live’ and virtual audiences. This module will equip learners with the knowledge and skills to plan and assemble the elements required for such a stage. In addition, learners will be introduced to concepts and techniques needed to design the stage for the unique requirements of an Esports competition.

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