Get Career Ready through Esports
Together with the National Youth Council and partners such as NTUC Employment and Employability Institute, the Esports Academy incubator represents the next stage in our mission to develop youths with in-demands skills for the esports industry through vocational and on-the-job training

About the Incubator


The Incubator is a new ongoing career development programme to support youths who desire to build a successful career in esports. Open to Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents aged between 16 and 35, the Incubator employs and provides incubatees with skills, competencies, and experience relevant to their desired career pathways, to help them become desirable and industry-ready candidates for potential employers in a competitive job market.

Our first intake offers 6 different career development pathways, which comprise various weekly theory and on-the-job training programmes, support from experienced practitioners and industry veterans, and access to conducive learning environments.

There will be limited spaces in the Incubator, and incubatees will be expected to commit a minimum average of 3 hours per week, for up to 8 months (32 Weeks), to participate in Incubator programmes. Incubatees engaged in full-time study or employment can receive help in managing their various commitments.

Career Development Programmes

Our Pathways

Esports Athlete (High Performance)

Based on proven sports developmental methods, this pathway takes a holistic view of what it means to be a high performance esports athlete, and helps to equip gamers with the competencies and capacity to maximise their performance potential, and develop a competitive advantage over others.


Esports Coach (High Performance)

As with athletes, we take a similar view towards what it takes to be a high performance esports coach, and have therefore developed a dedicated pathway to help develop the next generation of coaches.

More than being another pair of eyes while they are in-game, coaches bear the crucial responsibility in fostering the holistic development of teams and individual players with high potential, ensuring that they are in the best condition to fulfill their collective potential, and coaxing the best performance out of the team when the stakes are high.


Esports Operation (Media & Operations)

There is a growing demand in the industry for quality coverage of esports events and tournaments. Through this programme, youths will learn about managing esports events such as tournaments and conventions, from planning to execution of technical and logistical considerations such as production and broadcasting set-up.

This programme will appeal to the planners and managers residing in the heart of the youths who are more interested in working behind the scenes to set up the big event in esports and produce quality content that reaches out to the masses.



Esports Shoutcasting

Shoutcasting is a crucial part of what makes esports so engaging. Through this programme, youths will learn the different roles and techniques in shoutcasting and understand how the roles complement each other to enhance the audience's overall viewing experience.

This course will appeal to youths interested in entertaining and educating viewers about what is happening on-screen with an engaging narrative of the game and its players. Shoutcasters-to-be will learn that there is more to shoutcasting than just narration and involves voice and pitch control and other public-speaking techniques.



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