MOE Schools and Social Service Agency Programmes

Tailored Programmes


Past Programmes

Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore - Inclusive Play

A collaboration with Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore, this workshop promotes play to foster greater awareness and acceptance of children with special needs through esports.

Mental Health and Esports

Centering around building resilience, grit, and a balanced lifestyle, these talks are for youths engaged within esports. Many of these talks are cyber wellness-related.

Learning and Leadership through Esports

Targeted at Secondary Schools, our collaboration with IMDA brings students through the life of a professional esports athlete, teaching them about time management, leadership, and communication skills.

Counselor's Esports Familiarization

Working with counselors in the Ang Mo Kio region, we ran a workshop to help counselors bridge the communication gap with the increasing number of youths that play games.

CCA Programs

Happening at ITE College Central, the Esports CCA program will look at helping students learn more about becoming athletes, event organizers, marshalls, and more within their school. 

iShine Singapore Pools

Running a workshop on career pathways and communication skills for youths as well as adult volunteers from Shine Singapore and Singapore Pools, where different parties collaborated and overcome communication barriers.

Circuit Breaker: Engagement Workshops

Due to the move towards full Home-Based Learning, there was a worry about students from vulnerable backgrounds losing a conducive environment for learning and socializing. These circuit breaker engagement workshops were put together as an engagement activity to help keep vulnerable kids in school as some of these students may come from different home environments that may make HBL a challenge. The workshop consist of engaging students in esport titles as well as learning crucial soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication as well as cyber wellness.