Career Workshops

Past Programmes

Life of an Esports Athlete

Taught by an established esports coach, this workshop talks about how an individual can work their way to becoming an esport athlete band the different factors of success.

Esport Marshalling and Events Management

Event organizers need to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of a game to uphold the spirit of competition and fair play, and learn how to manage esports events such as tournaments and conventions, from planning to execution of technical and logistical considerations. 

Who it’s for: This course will appeal to the planners and managers residing in the heart of the youths, and guide them to setting up the next big event in esports.

Esport Journalism

In collaboration with an industry partner, avid journalists and gamers can get a chance to learn about esports journalism, covering topics like best journalism practices and more.

Who it’s for: Energetic reporters-to-be who love the ‘live’ experience by seeing and hearing for themselves and then sharing it via creative writing.

Broadcasting for Esports

There is a growing demand in the industry for quality coverage of esports events and tournaments. Through this programme, youths will learn about production and broadcasting set-up and gain fundamental knowledge to either start their own channel, or be an essential part of a bigger production. 

Who it’s for: For youths who are more interested in working behind the scenes to produce quality content that reaches out to the masses.


With the aim of entertaining and educating viewers about what is happening on-screen, shoutcasters need in-depth knowledge about their game of choice. Shoutcasters-to-be will learn that there is more to shoutcasting than just narration, and involves voice and pitch control and other public-speaking techniques.

Who it’s for: For those who have much to say about what they see on screen, learning to shoutcast means knowing what to say and how to say it so that it makes sense (and a living).

Live Streaming

A good live-streamer need not necessarily be a good gamer, but he or she will definitely need to be a good entertainer. Youths will learn how to run a one-person show with a basic rig set-up, or crank up the heat by learning how to utilize advanced tools and speaking techniques to gain additional popularity.

Who it’s for: Aspiring content creators and entertainers. Whether you are interested in hosting your own talk show or impressing your audience with your skills and humour, it is undeniable that millions of people globally tune in to platforms to watch their favourite content creators.